When was this position paper written, and in what Kenyan historical context?

What was the nature of the English department of their university as they experienced it? What forms of literary criticism and cultural assumptions did it dispense?

What are some major changes the authors wish to see implemented? Which literatures do they wish to be studied? What critical approaches and choices of texts do they think would better serve Nigerians/students of literature?

Would their prescriptions be valuable for other literature departments in addition to those in Africa?

Were any version of these debates conducted over the introduction and rise to prominence of American literature within U. S. departments of English? How may the situation of American literature parallel or contrast with that of African literature within an English department?

Were the authors successful in their efforts to have the Department of English at the University of Nairobi “abolished”? What took its place?

Have any features of what Ngugi Wa Thiong’o, Liyong and Owuor-Anyumba proposed become more common in U. S. English departments, for example, greater respect for the study of oral literature and its performance?

Which other critics might have disapproved of their proposals? Which would have found them congenial?