From Norton Anthology of Theory and Criticism, 2018 edition

What aspect of Zizel's methodology/system is encapsulated in the title "Looking Away"? To what theorist is the concept of "looking awry" credited?

What famous painting illustrates his theme? What effort does the "phallic" intrusion have on the viewer? (he/she enters as a subject as well as object--this causes tension and anxiety)

How does this process prompt literary/art/film criticism? (need for endless interpretation)

Through which categories does he analyze several Hitchcock movies? (oral, anal, phallic stages) Do his examples fit these stages? How useful are the categories themselves in analyzing films?

What seems to be the attitude expressed toward women and toward sexual relations? Does he give evidence for his generalizations? (seems to refer to fetishism, stereotypes women as needy and vain)

Would these attitudes have been dominant at the time of this 1991 essay?

What do you think of Zizek's comments on U. S. narcissism? Do you think his categorization of all US history and consciousness as embodying the three stages of Puritanism, the "corporation man," and contemporary narcissism are convincing? If not, what's wrong with them? (wild, ahistorical generalizations)

According to him, what psychological phenomenon threatens contemporary males and society in general? (the maternal superego) What evidence does he bring to this claim? What could prompt an intellectual commentator to come up with this view?