1. In what ways do Wollstonecraft’s Letters differ from an autobiography? Do you feel these differences limit or enhance its interest?
  2. What may be some advantages and disadvantages of the epistolary form? Do you think Wollstonecraft fully exploits the former?
  3. Does the narrative hold your interest throughout? Is there a sense of progression and climax?
  4. What are some noticeable features of Wollstonecraft’s style?
  5. Does it contain elements of humor?
  6. What seem to be the most striking features of Wollstonecraft’s character as exhibited in the Letters, and how are these demonstrated?
  7. What seems to be Wollstonecraft’s opinion of herself? Is she ashamed of anything? In what things does she take the most pride?
  8. To what extent does the tone of this book resemble that of the selections from A Vindication? Do you feel she has shifted any of her opinions and attitudes since the earlier work, and if so, how do you account for the change?
  9. What attitudes doe s she express towards the women she meets? Are thre evidences of her feminist opinions throughout?
  10. What seem to be Wollstonecraft’s political opinions, and where do you think these would have fitted in the spectrum of contemporary political views?
  11. What attitudes does she demonstrate towards servants and peasants? To what extent to her views on Scandinavia reveal British preferences and biases?
  12. What are some Romantic features of her response to nature and landscape? What effect do her landscape descriptions have on the book’s pace and tone?
  13. In your view, does Wollstonecraft manifest any non-Romantic traits?
  14. What seem to be her beliefs concerning religion and a future life? How conventional would these thave been during this period? Why do you think she feels such virulent contempt for Methodism?
  15. Do the Letters give any indication of Wollstonecraft’s relationships with friends and family?
  16. What does Wollstonecraft consider to be the best and worst aspects of Scandinavian life? Do these views seem reasonable?