Tuesday 22 August Introduction; Victorian publishing

Thursday 24 August Companion to the Victorian Novel (online) introduction; Elizabeth Gaskell, biography; Gaskell, Mary Barton, first volume

Tuesday 29 August Mary Barton, second volume

Thursday 31 August CVN, chapter 4 Mary Barton to end  

Tuesday 5 September Charles Dickens, biography; Dickens, Bleak House, chapters 1-20

Thursday 7 September CVN, chapter 2, Bleak House, chapters 21-40

First posting due, on Gaskell or Dickens

Tuesday 12 September Bleak House, chapters 40-60

Thursday 14 September CVN, chapter 1, Bleak House, chapters 61-65; final discussion on Dickens and Gaskell

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Tuesday 19 September test on Gaskell, Dickens, and Companion to the Victorian Novel, intro. and chapters 1, 2 and 4.

Thursday 21 September _____; Charlotte Brontë, biography, Brontë, Villette, chapters 1-6

Tuesday 26 September Villette, chapters 6-24

Thursday 28 September CVN chapter 5, Villette, chapters 25-42

Second posting due: any topic thus far

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Tuesday 3 October final discussion on Villette

Thursday 5 October CVN chapter 3, George Eliot, biography, Eliot, Silas Marner, first half

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Tuesday 10 October Silas Marner to end

Thursday 12 October William Morris biography, slides of Morris and Co. art, Morris, News from Nowhere, chapters 1-6


Tuesday 17 October News from Nowhere, chapters 7-18

Thursday 19October  News from Nowhere, chapters 19-32

Third posting due: any topic thus far

Tuesday 24 October test, Brontë, Eliot, Morris and CVN, chapters 3 and 5

Thursday 26 October student projects, H. G. Wells biography


31 October -------, CVN chapter 6, Wells, The Time Machine, chapters 1-6

2 November The Time Machine, chapters 7-12

Fourth posting due: any topic thus far


7 November CVN chapter 10, E. M. Forster, biography, Forster, Howards End, chapters 1-10

9 November Howards End, chapters 11-30


14 November Howards End, chapters 31-44

16 November student projects

Fifth posting due: any topic thus far

Thanksgiving break

28 November research essay due; Virginia Woolf, biography, Woolf, To the Lighthouse, chapters 1-7

30 November Virginia Woolf, biography, To the Lighthouse, chapters 8-14

Sixth posting due: any topic thus far


5 December final discussion Woolf; student projects

7 December test on Wells, Forster, Woolf, and CVN, chapters 6 and 10

12 December final class meeting and presentations of take-home exam/essay drafts

15 December final take-home exam comparative essay and 6 postings due 5 p. m.