Arnold, Matthew, The Buried Life, Dover Beach, Tristram and Iseult, Stanzas from the Grande Chartreuse, Rugby Chapel and other poems
Arnold, Culture and Anarchy
Arnold, Function of Criticism
Arnold, other essays (Equality, Wordsworth,The Spirit of Poetry)
Attfield, Robin, Environmental Ethics
Baillie, Joanna
ballads, Scottish
Behn, Aphra, The Disappointment
Blake, William, Songs of Innocence and Experience
Boland, Eavan
Boswell, James and Samuel Johnson on Scotland
Boswell's Life of Johnson, London Journal 1862-63
Braddon, Mary E., Good Lady Ducayne
Braddon, Mary E., Lady Audley's Secret
Brittain, Vera, Testament of Youth
Bronte, Anne, Tenant of Wildfell Hall
Bronte, Charlotte, Jane Eyre
Bronte, Charlotte, Shirley
Bronte, Villette, chapters 1-13
Bronte, Villette, chapters 14-end
Bronte, Emily, Wuthering Heights
Bronte, E., Wuthering Heights, summary of chapters
Browning, Elizabeth Barrett, Aurora Leigh
Browning, E. B. A Curse for a Nation
Browning, E. B., life
Browning, E. B. Runaway Slave
Browning, Robert, Andrea del Sarto
Browning, R., Childe Roland
Browning, R, Fra Lippo Lippi
Browning, R., My Last Duchess, The Bishop, Porphyria's Lover,
Browning, R. The Ring and the Book
Browning, R. The Ring and the Book, historical persons
Browning, R. The Ring and the Book: The Rhetoric and Character of Guido
Burdekin, Katharine, Swastika Night
Burns, Robert, poetry
Butler, Josephine, and the Contagious Diseases Acts
Butler, Samuel, Erewhon 1
Butler, Erewhon 2
Caird, Mona. Daughters of Danaus
Caird, Morality of Marriage
Caryle, Jane, Letters
Carlyle, Thomas, essays
Carlyle, The Negro Question
Carlyle, On Heroes and Hero-Worship
Carlyle, Thomas, Past and Present
Carlyle, Thomas, Sartor Resartus
Carroll, Lewis, Alice in Wonderland, Through the Looking Glass
Cavendish, Margaret, Duchess of Newcastle
Celtic Songs
Chaucer, Wife of Bath
Clough, A. H., Amours de Voyage
Coleridge, Mary, poems
Coleridge, S. T. Biographia Literaria
Collins, Wilkie, The Moonstone
Cook, Eliza poems
Cooper, Thomas, Merrie England
D'Arcy, Ella
Darwin, Charles. Autobiography and other writings
Davies, Emily, Higher Education for Women
Defoe, Daniel, Moll Flanders
Dickens, Charles, A Christmas Carol
Dickens, Bleak House
Dickens, David Copperfield
Dickens, Dombey and Son
Dickens, Hard Times
Dickens, Our Mutual Friend
Dickens, Oliver Twist
Dickens, Language in Oliver Twist & Our Mutual Friend
Dobbs, Elizabeth/Annie Wakeman, Autobiography of a Charwoman
Eagleton, Terry, The Rise of English
Egerton, George, "Gone Under"
Eliot, George, Adam Bede
Eliot, George, Daniel Deronda
Eliot, George, Felix Holt
Eliot, George, Middlemarch
Eliot, George, The Mill on the Floss,
Eliot, George, Mill on the Floss 2,
Eliot, George, Mill on the Floss 3,
Eliot, George, Mill on the Floss 4
Eliot, George, Silas Marner 1
Eliot, George, Silas Marner 2
Eliot, T. S., on Time, Emotion, and Education
Eliot, T. S., The Waste Land
Eliot, T. S., Tradition and the Individual Talent
Elliot, Jean, "The Flowers of the Forest"
Engels, Friedrich, Condition of the Working Class
Engels, Friedrich, Origin of the Family
Field, Michael, Attila, My Attila!
Field, Michael, Poems
Field, Michael, Whym Chow
Ferrier, Susan, Marriage
Ferrier, Susan, account
Fiction, Reading Victorian
Finch, Anne, poems
Forster, E. M. Howards End

Forster, A Passage to India
Gaskell, Elizabeth, life
Gaskell, Life of Bronte
Gaskell, Lizzie Leigh
Gaskell, Lois the Witch
Gaskell, Mary Barton 1
Gaskell, Mary Barton 2
Gaskell, North and South
Gaskell, Ruth
Gaskell, Short Stories: Old Nurse's Tale, Manchester Man
Gaskell, Wives and Daughters
Gibbon, Lewis Grassic, (Leslie Mitchell), Sunset Song 1
Gibbon, Sunset Song 2
Gissing, George, The Nether World
Gissing, New Grub Street
Gissing, The Odd Women
Gosse, Edmund, Father and Son
Grand, Sarah, The Beth Book, The Indefinable

Gunn, Neil
Hamilton, Janet, Auld Mither Scotland, Our Location, & others; To Working Women
Hardy, Thomas, Far From the Madding Crowd
Hardy, Thomas, Jude the Obscure
Hardy, The Mayor of Casterbridge
Hardy, A Mere Interlude
Hardy, poems
Hardy, Return of the Native
Hardy, statements on marriage and other topics
Hardy, Tess of the D'Urbervilles
Harkness, Margaret (John Law), A City Girl
Hebdige, Dick, Subculture
Henley, W. H., In Hospital
Hogg, James Private Memoirs 1
Hogg, Private Memoirs 2
Hopkins, Gerard Manley, biography
Hopkins, Gerard Manley, early poems, journal and letters
Hopkins, Spring and Fall and sonnets
Hopkins, The Wreck of the Deutschland
Hopkins, The Wreck of the Deutschland as a Pindaric Ode
Hossain, Rokeya, "Sultana's Dream"
Housman, A. E., poems
Hughes, Thomas, Tom Brown's School Days
Hume, David
Jacob, Violet, The Debatable Land
Jameson, Anna, Characteristics of Women; Legends of the Madonna
Johnson, Lionel, The Dark Angel
Johnson, Samuel, Rasselas
Johnson, Samuel and James Boswell on Scotland
Jones, Ernest,Woman's Wrongs
Kay, Jacquie, Adoption Papers
Kay, Lighthouse Wall
Keats, John, The Eve of St. Agnes
Kingsley, Charles, Alton Locke

Kingsley, Mary, Travels in West Africa
Kipling, Rudyard, Beyond the Pale
Kipling, Kim
Kipling, poems
Lee, Vernon, Dionea, A Wicked Voice, Prince Alberic and the Snake Lady,
Lee, Vernon, Virgin of the Seven Daggers, Amour Dure

Levy, Amy, Xantippe
Lochhead, Liz, An Abortion
Macdiarmid, Hugh (Christopher Grieves)
MacDonald, George, Phantases
Martineau, Harriet, Autobiography
Marx, Eleanor, The Woman Question
Meredith, George, Modern Love and other poems
Meredith, Grandfather Bridgeman

Meredith, Diana of the Crossways
Meredith, George, The Egoist
Mew, Charlotte, poems
Mill, John Stuart, Autobiography
Mill, On Liberty
Mill, The Subjection of Women
Mill, On the Negro Question
Montagu, Lady Mary Wortley
Moore, George, Esther Waters
More, Hannah, The Slave Trade
More, Thomas, Utopia
Morris, William, life
Morris, William, Art and the Beauty of the Earth, The Society of the Future
Morris, William, The Beauty of Life, Lesser Arts, Art Under Plutocracy
Morris, The Defence of Guenevere
Morris, A Dream of John Ball
Morris, Gertha's Lovers
Morris, The Haystack in the Floods
Morris, News from Nowhere
Morris, on-line illustrated News from Nowhere
Morris, The Tables Turned
Morris, William and Alfred Tennyson, medieval material
Morrison, Arthur, A Child of the Jago

Morrison, Arthur, Tales of Mean Streets
Newcastle, Margaret Cavendish, Duchess of
Newman, John Henry, Apologia Pro Vita Sua
Nightingale, Florence, Cassandra
Nineteenth-century introduction 1
Nineteenth-century introduction 2
Norton, Caroline, Laws on Women
Oakley, Elizabeth, Memoirs
Oliphant, Margaret, Autobiography
Oliphant, The Library Window
Oliphant, The Open Door
Oliphant, Old Lady Mary, The Wedding Tour
Owen, Robert
Pater, Walter, Marius the Epicurean
Pater, The Renaissance, Appreciations
Pre-Raphaelitism, aspects
Philips, Katherine
Pope, Epistle to Lady, Essay on Man
Prince, Mary
Reading 19th Century Fiction
Richardson, Dorothy, Pointed Roofs, Dawn's Left Hand
Robins, Elizabeth, Votes for Women
Rossetti, Christina, Commonplace
Rossetti, Christina, Goblin Market
Rossetti, Christina, Monna Innominata
Rossetti, C., shorter poems
Rossetti, D. G. Blessed Damozel
Rossetti, Dante Gabriel, chronology
Rossetti, D.G. Burden of Nineveh
Rossetti, D. G. Last Confession
Rossetti, D. G., Hand and Soul
Rossetti, D. G., House of Life 1
Rossetti, D. G., House of Life 2
Rossetti, D. G., Jenny
Rossetti, D. G., St. Agnes of Intercession
Rossetti, D. G., and Arthur Symons

Ruskin, John, Modern Painters
Ruskin, Modern Painters 2
Ruskin, The Nature of Gothic
Ruskin, Unto This Last
Saint-Simonianism and Fourierism
Schreiner, Olive, Story of an African Farm
Scott, Walter, Heart of Midlothian 1
Scott, Heart of Midlothian 2
Scott, short stories, The Two Drovers
Scott, Waverley 1
Scott, Waverley 2
Scott, Waverley 3
Scottish Gaelic
Seacole, Mary, Wonderful Adventures
Shakespeare, William, Worksheet on Sonnets
Shaw, George Bernard, Candida
Shaw, George Bernard, Major Barbara
Shaw, Mrs. Warren's Profession
Shelley, Mary, Frankenstein
Shelley, Percy Byssche
Short Stories, Stevenson and others
Smith, Adam
Smith, Stevie
Spenser, Edmund, Talus, Book 5, The Fairy Queene
Steel, Flora Annie
Stevenson, Robert, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde 1
Stevenson, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde 2
Stevenson, The Castle of Ballantrae
Strachey, Florence Nightingale, Eminent Victorians
Swinburne, A. C., Atalanta in Calydon
Swinburne, The Lake of Gaube and The Triumph of Time
Swinburne, Tristram of Lyonesse and other poems
Symonds, Emily, A Writer of Books
Symonds, J. Translations of Michelangelo's Sonnets (background for Rossetti and fin de siecle)
Symons, Arthur, poems and criticism
Tennyson, Alfred, early poems
Tennyson, In Memoriam
Tennyson, The Holy Grail
Tennyson, Maud and other Idylls
Tennyson, The Princess
Tennyson, Ulysses and The Lotus Eaters
Thackeray, Wm., Vanity Fair
Trollope, Anthony, Autobiography
Trollope, Frances, Michael Armstrong
Victorian Poetry, features of
War Poets (WWI)
Watson, Rosamund Marriott
Watt, Christian, Diaries
Webster, Augusta, A Castaway, Mother and Daughter, Circe, Faded
Webster, Medea
Webster, The Sentence; Protection for the Working Woman
Wedderburn, Robert
Wells, H. G., The Time Machine
Wilde, Oscar, The Ballad of Reading Gaol
Wilde, Lady Windermere's Fan
Wilde, Salome, The Picture of Dorian Gray
Williams, Raymond, Marxism and Literature
Wollstonecraft, Letters
Wollstonecraft, A Vindication
Wollstonecraft, selections
Women in Victorian Britain
Women, Reproduction, Sexuality
Women's Suffrage
Woolf, Virginia, A Room of One's Own
Woolf, Virginia, To the Lighthouse

Wordsworth, William, Lyrical Ballads
Wordsworth, Immortality Ode
Wordsworth, The Prelude, Book 1,
Wordsworth, The Prelude, Book 2,
Wordsworth, The Prelude, Book 3,
Wordsworth, The Prelude, Book 4
Wordsworth, The Prelude, chronology
Working-class autobiographies
Working-class poets (Janet Hamilton, Ellen Johnston, Mary McPherson, Samuel Laycock)
Wroth, Mary
Yeats, W. B., poems
Yeats, W. B., statements on poetics
Yeats, Thematic progression in early poems
Zangwill, Israel, Children of the Ghetto
Zangwill, Satan Mekatrig

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